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Kitchen Safety Tips:

1. Careless Cooking is the number one cause of residential fires. Never leave cooking unattended.

2. Keep children a safe distance from hot liquids.

3. Always use potholders.

4. Hot grease causes severe burns- avoid using deep fat fryers around children.

5. Clean the exhaust hood and duct over the stove regularly and wipe up the spilled grease as soon as the surface of the stove is cool.

6. It's wise to have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. Keep it 10 feet away from the stove on the exit side of the kitchen.

7. Never pour water on a grease fire, turn off the stove and cover the pan with a lid, or close the oven door.

8. Keep pot handles on the stove pointing to the back, and always watch young children in the kitchen.

9. Don't store items on the stovetop, as they could catch fire.

10. Keep kitchen appliances clean and in good condition.

11. Follow instructions carefully when using microwave ovens.

12. Be sure your stove is not located under a window where curtains are hanging.

13. Wear short sleeves when cooking.

14. If your clothing should catch fire, immediately STOP, DROP, and ROLL to smother flames.

15. Scalds and burn injuries are on the increase. The highest risks are the very young and the elderly.

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